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The Emblem of the XIX General Chapter 

The emblem of the XIX General Chapter of the Society of the Divine Savior – designed by Fr. Wiesław Stempak, SDS – reflects the desire to revitalize our Salvatorian apostolic zeal. In the context of a society that is becoming ever more needy of God, Pope Francis asks us to be a Church of open doors and one that goes out to all peoples. Stirred by the apostolic fire present in the life and words of Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, we want to find concrete answers to this and other challenges of our times.

Within the framework of the celebration of the centenary of death of the Founder (1918‑2018), we choose to let his words resound in the depths of our heart: “Go (…) enflame all!”[1] In this way, the General Chapter can become a real opportunity so that, revitalizing the apostolic spirit of the Founder, we will be sent once again, as an “apostolic community,” to make known the one, true God revealed in Jesus Christ, as well as his message of Salvation.  

The hand holding the oil lamp alludes to the Salvatorian apostolic vocation of taking and sustaining the flame of salvation everywhere in the world, thereby making us also like a “lamp burning brightly.”[2] This “being a light of salvation” has its source in our experience of a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Without this experience of being disciples saved by Him, it is impossible to evangelize, because as the Founder explained, if the oil of a deep spirituality is missing, the lamp will go out.[3] 

The yellow flame points to the light itself, Jesus the Savior, who illumines our existence.  He is the model who inspires our apostolic action. Also, the cross at the center of the flame reminds us that our apostolic mission is not only a simple human task, but that it is guided and aided by the Spirit of the Crucified-Resurrected one who acts in history. The Spirit of Christ is the true protagonist of our mission!

In this Spirit, Salvatorians, as indicated by the twelve flames of various sizes, make known to the entire world the love of the One True God, who by the cross of His Son Jesus, embraced the world to save everyone, without excluding anyone. We accomplish this service with actions and words, both by the multiculturality of our international composition, as well as by the universality of the ways and means we use. We act in very diverse realities, united in the same mission, as faithful spiritual sons of Fr. Francis Jordan.

Furthermore, the lines that crisscross the emblem lead us to think about the pathways of our Salvatorian history. In the footprints left by each generation we see recorded an infinite number of testimonies about apostolic successes, contradictions and also crosses. The continuity of this tradition of testimony and apostolic service is now in our hands. Today, more than ever, in continuity and creativity in the face of this Salvatorian tradition, it is time to evangelize and to advance, enflamed and sent to enflame others.

[1] Francis Jordan, Spiritual Diary - II/21.

[2] Francis Jordan, Talks, 1899/06/23.

[3] Idem.


Franciscus Jordan


sacrifice, no cross, no desolation, no trial, no temptation, oh! absolutely nothing should be too difficult for you with the help of God’s grace. I can do all things in God who strengthens me.

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