Indian Mission Vicariate: canonical visitation

The canonical visitation of the Indian Mission Vicariate took place from 1 until 30 August by Fr. Milton Zonta and Fr. Sunil Thomas. Since its re-foundation in 1990, the presence of the Society in India has grown in number and apostolates. There are 57 confreres. There are 12 communities, which comprise 6 formation houses, 4 parishes, and 6 schools.
The visitors had the possibility to share the overall situation of the Society and talk with every individual member and formandi shared their appreciation for the Generalate´s support, and they expressed also some of their strengths and concerns. They also met several bishops, who expressed their gratitude for the support our confreres render to the local church through various apostolates. There was also an opportunity to visit many communities of the Salvatorian sisters, and some other institutions where our formandi study. It is a growing unit, with many vocations and apostolates, of different cultures and languages, which counts on the prayers and support of all Salvatorians worldwide. 

Sri Lanka Mission: Cannonical visitation

The canonical visitation of the Sri Lanka Mission took place from 27 July until 1 August by Fr. Milton Zonta and Fr. Sunil Thomas. This was the first canonical visitation after the Sri Lanka Mission was officially established on 11 October 2021. Prior to its establishment, the Sri Lanka mission was part of the Indian Mission Vicariate. 
During this visit, Fr. Milton Zonta blessed the cornerstone for the future philosophy study house.  Congratulations to our confreres for their dedication and commitment to this growing mission unit.


Fr. Adam Teneta and Fr. Joseph Rodrigues did visit the Salvatorian Mission on the Comoros Islands from in August 2023. The Salvatorian presence dates back to 1998, when the Society was asked by the Holy See to take on the pastoral care of this area. Apart from the Salvatorian Bishop, Mons. Charles Mahuza, 7 confreres are working on two different islands: Moroni and Mayotte. The Apostolic Vicariate is completely run by Salvatorians. The main value of this mission is the ministry of presence. Also the Salvatorian Sisters have for several years now been living and working in Comoros. Together with them, the missionaries give witness of the Salvatorian charism.
Most of the Catholics are Malagasy. It is in this framework that the Generalate has started with vocation promotion and initial formation in Madagascar: having in the future Salvatorians from this island, will for sure be of big help in the pastoral care of Comoros.

Salvatorian Mission Report

Lay Salvatorians as an International Association of the Faithful

The Dicastery recognizes Lay Salvatorians as an International Association of the Faithful.

The Prefect Card. Farrell delivered the Decree to members of the presidency.


Video - Presentation of the Decree recognizing the International Community of the Divine Saviour



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