• The Society of the Divine Savior is an apostolic, religious institute of priests and brothers approved by the Catholic Church.
  • Through the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, we dedicate ourselves completely to God and his service in the Church.
  • We live in religious community and perform apostolic works.
  • We show to the world the goodness and kindness of Christ our Savior by example, by means of the spoken and written word, and by all means which love for Christ inspires.
  • Our Society is dedicated to the Divine Savior and its patrons are Mary, Mother of the Savior, the Apostles, St. Michael, and St. Joseph.
  • We cooperate with other members of the Salvatorian Family and with other groups in promoting the knowledge of Christ the Savior.


By their example, by means of the spoken and written word, and by all ways and means which love for Christ may inspire, the members should seek wisely and zealously in the Lord to make known to all and to glorify everywhere God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, in order to bring people to salvation.

Rule from 1886

We Salvatorians are called to follow Jesus Christ, the Divine Savior, by living as community within the universal Church for apostolic service. Like our Founder, Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, we proclaim Salvation to all people, so that by the lives we live and in our apostolic activities, all may come "to know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent" (John 17:3), and have life in all its fullness.

Carrying out the will of our Founder, we share our apostolic vocation with all people. We are ready to serve in any place, by all ways and means which the love of Christ inspires.  Our apostolate is not restricted to one particular activity, such as education or working with young persons. We emphasize the universality of the Christian vocation, animating lay people to live their baptismal commitment and to be witnesses of faith in their private and social life.


  • we are present in missionary countries. Among the poor and marginalized we support human development, family life, health, and education;

  • we lead parishes in the light of our Salvatorian charism;

  • we accompany young people as they discover how to live their Christian vocation;

  • we promote Christian formation, encouraging spiritual growth and active participation in the life of the Church and the world;

  • we do research and teach in universities;

  • we proclaim the Gospel in a contemporary manner and in dialogue with every culture by means of social communication.

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Bl. Francis Jordan


Founder's Thoughts

Let no betrayal, no infidelity, no coldness, no abuse lessen your zeal!

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