Requiescant In Pace

I am the Resurrection and the Life; whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.
John 11:25


Let us remember our deceased confrere in gratitude and prayer.

Our Divine Saviour has called into eternal life


RIP: 14/04/2022 - Mikołów

Fr. Władysław Mszal was born on 30 September 1929, in Zibrzyca Górna, Orava. His hometown faced many political complications and belonged to different nations. After completing primary school in 1945, he helped his parents to run the family farm. Already from his childhood on, he felt the desire to become a priest. In 1946 he enrolled in a private secondary school, run by the Salvatorians in Krakow. His path to the priesthood was considerably prolonged, while he was called for compulsory military service in 1950. After completing his military service in 1953, he entered the Salvatorian novitiate in Bagno, where he professed his first vows in the Society of the Divine Saviour on 21 September 1954. He did his philosophical and theological studies at the Salvatorian Major Seminary in Bagno, which culminated in his ordination to the priesthood, which he received on 29 June 1960 in the Church of the Assumption of Blessed Virgen Mary in Bagno. Fr. Władysław served in different communities in the Polish Province as a bursar and was known for his great interest and knowledge regarding construction, electricity, repairing, renovation, and good maintenance. During his life as a priest, he was entrusted with several pastoral ministries. A good number of young people were inspired by his example and became priests. As the years went by, the 93-years-old doyen of the Polish Province, slowly lost strength and his health deteriorated considerably. Therefore, he was moved to the Salvatorian nursing home “Salwator Park” in Mikołów, where he ended his earthly pilgrimage on Holy Thursday, 14 April 2022. He was 93 years old and had been a Salvatorian for 68 years.

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