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Salvatorian community in Kraków

There are two Salvatorian communities in Kraków. The chapter will take place in the place in the bigger one. It is the site of the Provincial Superior and his council. The Good News is proclaimed there in many ways. In addition to the Provincialate there are also: Rectoral church, Salvatorian Publishing House - Salwator and Spiritual Formation Center.

Provincialate and the official website of the Polish Province of Salvatorians
The rectoral church
Salwator - Salvatorian publishing house
Spiritual Formation Center

Bl. Francis Jordan


Founder's Thoughts

O Lord, help me, show me the way! Without you, I can do nothing. I hope all things from You. In you, O Lord, I have hoped, I will not be confounded for ever.

Great Salvatorians




Curia Generalizia

Via della Conciliazione, 51
I - 00193 ROMA, ITALIA
+39 06 686 291

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