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As a way of celebrating the “Year of Jordan,” the International Joint Commission on Salvatorian Identity and Mission, developed, updated and revised a version of an older Italian Meal Prayer Booklet that has been traditionally used at each pranzo of the Society’s Motherhouse in Rome for numerous years.

Still keeping the integrity of the content, the wording was modified to express a more Salvatorian and inclusive text that can be used by the whole Salvatorian Family. It can be shared with others, as well.

The booklet is introduced with our original Blessed Francis Jordan’s Intercessory Prayer. It is then followed by 97 brief meal prayers for every season and occasion of the year. It is currently in Italian and English.

People are welcome to download the booklet from our Website. It can be printed easily. You are most welcome to translate it into your preferred language.

As we break bread together throughout the world, we hope it will create solidarity and communion among us as Salvatorians, when we pray in gratitude for all of God’s good gifts through our Divine Savior.



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