A bit of history

1921 - IV General Chapter, 1921-09-12 - 1921-09-30, 1921, Rome

1921 - IV General Chapter, 1921-09-12 - 1921-09-30, 1921, Rome

First row (left to right, seated):

[1] Fr. Hilarius Gog, [2] Fr. Paulus Pabst, [3] Fr. Ogerius Bartsch, [4] Most Rev. Fr. Pancratius Pfeiffer, [5] Fr. Clemens Hofbauer Sonntag, [6] Fr. Thaddäus Grunwald, [7] Fr. Bernardinus Jung,

Second row (left to right, standing):

[8] Fr. Lucius Lackner, [9] Fr. Angelicus Bugiel, [10] Fr. Albertus Hauser, [11] Fr. Marcellus Hilger, [12] Fr. Raphael Wittig, [13] Fr. Christophorus Becker, [14] Fr. Conradus Hansknecht, [15] Fr. Odo Distel, [16] Fr. Fidelis Both, [17] Fr. Athanasius Krächan, [18] Fr. Bernardus Raaf, [19] Fr. Anselmus Schauff

Liber actorum Capitulorum Generalium primi usque ad decimum excepto tertio, AGS (Sygnatura: 7-l.9/7-10.9], s. 21-212, 239-240;
Annales SDS, vol. IV, nr I [Romae, die 1. Novembris 1933], s. 1-2.

Julian Bendarz SDS, General Chapters 1902-1993, Rome, 31 march 1999.

Bl. Francis Jordan


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As long as there is one person on earth who does not know God and does not love God above all things, you dare not allow yourself a moment’s rest.

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