Fr. Adam Teneta and Fr. Joseph Rodrigues did visit the Salvatorian Mission on the Comoros Islands from in August 2023. The Salvatorian presence dates back to 1998, when the Society was asked by the Holy See to take on the pastoral care of this area. Apart from the Salvatorian Bishop, Mons. Charles Mahuza, 7 confreres are working on two different islands: Moroni and Mayotte. The Apostolic Vicariate is completely run by Salvatorians. The main value of this mission is the ministry of presence. Also the Salvatorian Sisters have for several years now been living and working in Comoros. Together with them, the missionaries give witness of the Salvatorian charism.
Most of the Catholics are Malagasy. It is in this framework that the Generalate has started with vocation promotion and initial formation in Madagascar: having in the future Salvatorians from this island, will for sure be of big help in the pastoral care of Comoros.

Beato Francisco Jordán


Pensamientos Fundadores

Mientras haya sobre la tierra una sola persona que no conozca a Dios, y no le ame sobre todas las cosas, no puedes permitirte un solo instante de descanso.

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